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Solutions for Workplace Conflicts & Violence

Training & Resources

Providing communicative tools and awareness for reducing workplace conflicts.

Immediate Care

Delivery of immediate care while awaiting first responder arrival.

The need according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor

Workplace Homicides in 2020

Nonfatal workplace injuries by another person

Over 2.6 million Americans were victims of nonfatal workplace injuries in 2021.

It is estimated that about 25% of workplace violence cases go unreported.

60 million Americans have been bullied while working.

Curriculum & Training

Our courses are developed by a 21-year veteran law enforcement officer with hands-on experience dealing with conflicts

Immediate Care

We also provide employees with the tools necessary if faced with unprovoked workplace violence and deliver immediate care awaiting first responder arrival.

Casey Arnold


Elite Training & Consulting

Casey is a 20+ year finance professional in the commercial banking industry. He was born and raised in Hamilton County, Indiana, and has extensive experience and knowledge of how a business operates, having worked intricately on the finance side of businesses exceeding many millions of dollars in revenues.

Casey’s scope at ETC includes operations, finance, and big picture directions of the company. While he learns a lot himself in the trainings, he maintains a very well established line of responsibility with his business partner.

This allows both owners to use their experience and strengths in areas that help ETC to provide the best curriculum, service, competitive pricing, and staying power to continue long-term as a top-notch training company to privately and publicly owned businesses and municipalities.

Song Kang

President & Training Director

Elite Training & Consulting

Song Kang brings 20 plus years of law enforcement experience as a patrol officer, narcotics/criminal apprehension K9 handler/trainer, and Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board Certified Instructor. Song serves as the Training Sergeant supervising agency instructors and managing all in-service training.

Since 2009, Song served as the Chief firearms instructor and armorer for the agency.  He holds instructor certification as an active shooter response instructor, tactical medic instructor and police K9 trainer.  Song has a diverse teaching background instructing law enforcement nationally and internationally.  He travels nationally instructing law enforcement response to active shooter incident and traveled to South Korea instructing Korean National Police SWAT K9.

Song also serves as the unarmed response to active shooter response instructor for the public.  He’s been a keynote speaker for local businesses, schools, and churches.  His extensive knowledge and experience create relative and impactful curriculum for your training needs.

Elite Training Courses

Conflict Resolution

2-hour live presentation:

  • Customized to your organization
  • Define & Identify conflict resolution
  • Discuss aspects of communication and response to individual in emotional state
  • Preparedness for potential violence
  • ETC Certification of Completion for all

Response to Workplace Violence

2-hour live presentation:

  • Customized to your organization
  • Define & Identify workplace violence
  • Discuss difference characteristics of random violence, hostage and active shooting incident
  • Response options and planning
  • ETC Certification of Completion for all Attendees

Immediate Care Response

2-hour live presentation:

  • Customized to your organization
  • Discuss MARCH Mnemonics
  • Learn to assess and apply life saving immediate care tactics
  • Identify individual first aid kit and contents
  • ETC certification of completion for all attendees

Comprehensive Full Training & Consulting

Package 12-month Program

Each Curriculum will be done on a quarterly basis
  • Conflict Resolution

  • Response to Workplace Violence

  • Immediate Care Response

  • Consulting: Table-Top Exercises and Consultation of Specific Scenarios

  • Upon completion the organization becomes fully ETC certified organization

“The information you all presented was relevant, engaging, impactful, and so appreciated.”

Bradie Louks

HR Director, City of Westfield

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